Educational Tour

SKG arrange educational tours for the students as per the requirement of thecourse where main objective is to add more skills and knowledge to the students for more easy survival in the competition era.

Annual Function

To mark the beginning of SKG, every year we celebrate AnnualFunction.which gives a stage to its students for their extra curriculum activities.

Sports week

Health is wealth is very old saying but true statement and to follow it we organize sports week to improve health as well as sportsman spirit among students.

Computer awareness & career guidance campaign

SKG is socially responsible and technologically advanced itself. So to make today generation aware about "Computer and Career" organize seminar into different places with fully talented team under the guidance and super vision of Dr. Vijay Singh Rathore (Who is well known personality in the computer and education field).


Today's era is of tech savvy people so to keep the students of SKG up to date, We conduct seminar on various important, crucial matter frequently and this made the student much aware about happenings, innovations, new skills etc.

Yoga Camp

"Internal Peace and concentration" both are lacking in today's time but is the same time both are needed for a great success. To import this, we (SKG) organize Yoga camp successfully for our budding stars.