Core Features

Sachin Memorial Cricket Tournament:

Along with Radha-Bharti scholarship, college is going to organize a one week cricket Tournament once in every session on the name of master Sachin Kumar, one of our very talented and bright student of BBA who passed away accidently. For keeping his memories alive "Sachin Memorial Cricket Tournament" at inter-college level will be organized.

Online Monitoring by Parents:

It's a tradition of SKG to develop more and more concepts which helps us as well as the parents/guardians of students to monitor them on regular basis. In this series, from session 2012 onwards, college is going to introduce an online monitoring activity, for the parents/guardians which will help them in monitoring and becoming aware of their routine activities through cameras.

Online attendance maintenance of Students:

College management has also taken an initiation towards the maintenance of the attendance through ERP system in which students will be needed to give a thumb impression on ERP equipment while entering and leaving the college and the concerning parents will receive the detailed information through the SMS.

Regular Student Report Generation:

The faculties of the college are fully dedicated towards the overall development of the students and making parents aware about each and every report of the students comes on priority for them: weekly attendance report, unit test and class test reports, in-house behavior etc. ate the issues which are sent on time to time basis directly to the parents so that a positive approach can be generated among the parents, students and faculties.

Pre-University Preparatory Examinations:

Apart from the other activities, the institution is also working continuously to make the preuniversities examination more successful which may directly affect the main university examinations with a positive blast and the students can prepare themselves to face it. College conducts 2 pre-universities exams and 4 unit tests before the main examinations, which brings the students out from " study before one day of exam" pattern.

Technology with Nature:

SKG campus fully compliments the nature & greenery and the view from the computer lab enriches our students with an energy given by nature. It includes a big fully green grassy garden with various different kinds of trees, flowers, plants and many more which makes it a combination of technology with nature.

Spoken English and Personality Development:

From this session, along with spoken English, personality development will be taught as a compulsory aspect for the overall development of the student and making fully eligible and confident to face the competition around the world.